Useful Electricity from Waste Heat


Romny was founded in order to take recent advances in semiconductor manufacturing and apply it to high performance thermoelectric materials.  The firm began applying ultra low cost manufacturing methods to bismuth telluride – antimony telluride based thermoelectric coolers.  Driven by customer interest in the firm’s manufacturing methods, Romny expanded into a diverse range of thermoelectric material systems including lead telluride, skutterudites, zinc antimonide, and magnesium silicide.

Fundamental Breakthroughs Form Today's Products

In the course of developing high performance power generation systems, built from the ground up to scale to global markets, Romny made several key scientific discoveries.  One of these is the company’s Rapid Thermal Synthesis (RTS) technology.  RTS removes most of the production costs from complex thermoelectric materials, enabling high volume scalability of power generation and cooling systems based on thermoelectrics.

Government Support

The firm’s commercialization of new technologies has been accelerated by government sponsored programs, including those sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy.